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The Brett Mosley Buck (and Brett)
On December 4, 2015, Brett Mosley of Madison, Mississippi killed a true monster whitetail buck under fair chase conditions. If you are interested in Mississippi deer hunting, you have probably seen photos of the buck or have possibly read the January 2, 2016, article in the Clarion-Ledger by Brian Broom or the January 5, 2016, article by Bobby Cleveland in the Mississippi Sportsman, but in case you haven’t, the following is a summary of the events of the day. 
Brett was at his hunting camp in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi and planned to duck hunt. Temperatures were in the 30′s, but ducks were scarce, so he opted to deer hunt instead. He elected to go to a rarely hunted tripod on a large agricultural field and was on his stand 30 minutes later. 
It was apparently one of those rare days when things just happen! 
Shortly after getting settled in the tripod, Brett almost took a shot at a very large buck, but decided the shot would be too long for him to take, so he waited for that deer to come closer. Upon electing to wait, he turned a little to one side and saw the giant buck standing about 100 yards away. Instantly Brett knew this deer was a shooter. He aimed, shot and saw the buck go down a few yards from the location at which he was shot. 
 The deer was “THE MAN”! 
Shortly after it was taken, it “green scored” a whopping 215 6/8 (unofficial score before required 60 day drying period) utilizing the Boone & Crockett scoring method.   

After the required 60 day drying period, Rick Dillard, an official Boone & Crockett measurer was asked to score Brett’s buck. Apparently, some shrinkage does occur during the 60 day drying period as Rick found the post-drying gross score to be 211 3/8 and the final score, after all required deductions, was determined to be 196 7/8. In order to make the Boone & Crockett record book as a non-typical, a whitetail buck must have a net score (after deductions) of 195 or higher.


I spoke with Rick a few days ago, and he informed me the process of having a buck entered into the Boone & Crockett Record Book is quite involved, and there are several checks and balances which Boone & Crockett considers after an official measurer submits the required information on a given buck. Rick explained that he scored Brett’s buck, submitted the handwritten score details, photos and other information to Boone & Crockett, and their office will review all of the materials and go through a verification process. He also explained that Boone & Crockett can question scoring details, and in rare circumstances, does adjust the final score. However, assuming the score Rick determined to be the Final Score holds up, Brett’s buck will be 1 of very few in Mississippi to “make the Book”.


Making the Book is a really big deal!!! According to www.boone-crockett.org, approximately 10,000,000 deer hunters now enter about 500 whitetails per year into the Boone & Crockett record book. Assuming the typical deer hunter goes hunting on 25 hunts per year, that works out to 500 Boone & Crockett bucks out of 250,000,000 hunts resulting in odds of .0000002 of getting a qualifier in any given year. 

For those of you who are interested in seeing the Boone & Crockett score sheet, please go to our website, www.lsvrealty.com and take a look at it. There are also more photos of Brett’s magnificent buck on our site. 
We hope you enjoyed our article on The Brett Mosley Buck
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