Turkey Tactics with Albert Paul

(Helpful Hints for Hunters New to the Game)

Turkey hunting is all about the “2 P’s…patience and persistence”. It is almost impossible to “run and gun” turkeys. Go to areas in the woods where you know there are turkeys, sit still, wait and be patient. Successful turkey hunters are persistent, and spend a lot of time in the woods.

Talking to turkeys is a lot like talking to your wife. If you yell nothing gets accomplished. If you talk sweet, she may listen to you. It is the same with turkeys. When you talk sweet and call softly, they may listen and cooperate with you.

Two of the biggest mistakes many hunters make is calling too much, and trying to get too close to the birds. Turkeys have extraordinary hearing. If a bird responds to your call with a gobble from 200 yards distance, rest assured he knows exactly which tree you are sitting under. A gobbler expects the hens to come to him. Play hard to get, and most importantly know when not to call.

If you make a mistake when calling, and a gobbler runs away, sit still and wait. It is very likely he will come back, or another bird will arrive on the scene as long as they can not spot you. Turkeys have remarkable eyesight, and they can see the slightest movement made by a hunter.

The greatest pressure on turkeys during the spring hunting season is human activity, and movement through the woods. Stealthy woodsmanship is more important than being a great caller. Become “one with the woods” and blend into the environment.

It is extremely important to know your gun. Practice shooting it with different turkey loads to see which patterns best. Know the distance limitations of your weapon and load. The only way to make a clean and ethical kill shot on a turkey is to shoot it in the head and neck. Their wings are like armor, and will deflect a side body shot.


Albert Paul killed his first Turkey in 1958 when he was 17 years old. He was hunting with his grandfather who called the bird into shooting range for him. In 1975, Albert called the last bird his grandfather killed.

Albert started making custom box calls in 1985 for his friends, and began selling them in 1993. In turkey hunting circles, and among hard core turkey hunters nationally, he has huge following. Albert and his wife Faye usually travel to at least 9 states each spring in pursuit of the different turkey sub-species. Albert has made countless Grand Slams (killing each of the turkey sub-species…Osceola, Eastern, Rio, and Merriam). He has 5 Royal Slams to his credit (killing Osceola, Eastern, Rio, Merriam and the Gould sub-species).

If you want to own not only the best sounding, but the best looking custom box call available on the market, visit Paul’s Calls web-site www.paulscalls.com, or stop by and meet Albert and Faye in their booth at the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza on August 5-7, 2011 in Jackson.

Cole DeLong

February 15, 2011