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Pre – Season Rifle Basics…Is Your Rifle Properly Sighted In?

Deer gun seasons (youth rifle, primitive weapons, & rifle) will be opening soon.
Many hunters do not practice shooting during the off season, and their rifles have
not been removed from the gun safe since the end of the last hunting season.
Therefore it is important to take the time to inspect scopes, rifles, ammunition
and weapon accuracy. These are a few basic points that will help hunters (adults
and youth) become more successful in the field…

rifle 1

• Know the mechanical and handling characteristics of your rifle (this is
important for adults, but absolutely critical for youth hunters)

• Properly clean your rifle and check to make sure the scope is correctly
secured to the rifle.

• Go to a local shooting range or property that you can safely shoot into a
hill or berm. Always know where your bullet will impact.

• Utilize a stable table rest, and practice shooting 3 shot groups on a paper
target at 100 yards.

• Practice shooting with the ammunition that you intend to utilize when
hunting. The slightest variation in bullet weight or change in ammunition
brand / manufacturer can change the point of bullet impact from your rifle.

rifle 2

Practice makes perfect… Pre-season rifle practice for adults and youth will
enhance shooting abilities in the field, help avoid misses or wounding animals,
and make us safer, and better hunters.

Good Hunting…

Larry & Cole